Afghan Women Judges Are Afraid of Retaliation

8 Subh, Kabul: CNN reports that former female judges are in hiding for fear of retaliation from men who were sentenced to prison in the previous government.

Nabila (a pseudonym) is one of 250 female judges in Afghanistan who have told CNN that they are afraid of those who had previously been sentenced to prison and that is why they are hiding.

All prisoners were released after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on August 15.

Nabila has said that the criminals who have now been released from prisons are seeking revenge. She also said that after the arrival of the Taliban, she had received threatening calls from unknown numbers.

Some female judges have fled Afghanistan, but others remain in hiding.

According to CNN, female judges in the Supreme court presided over departments that dealt with cases of violence against women, rape, murder and domestic harassment.

Nabila told CNN that there were hundreds of female judges working in Afghanistan, but they were told they could no longer work.

In the previous government, female judges were also threatened with assassination. Several female judges were even killed in targeted attacks in Kabul.

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