Hasht-e Subh Daily is an independent, nonprofit, and the most popular newspaper in Afghanistan. Founded in June 2007 by some prominent journalists and human rights defenders, Hasht-e Subh focuses on citizen journalism and civic education.

Hasht-e Subh has been able to establish its position with news and analytical approach to events and grounding for conversations between people from socio-political spheres. It aims to convey information to the people in a proper, balanced and impartial manner. On the other hand, the newspaper intends to support democratic institutions and processes and human rights and to become the voice of the victims in the field of transitional justice.

This newspaper has an independent approach to issues related to Afghanistan. For this newspaper, five principles are recognized as inviolable. Hasht-e Subh carries out all its activities based on human rights, justice, democracy, rule of law, and freedom of expression.

Hasht-e Subh Daily has won the Reporters Without Borders 2012 Press Freedom Award.

Address: Kabul, Afghanistan


Publisher: Sanjar Sohail
Email: [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Moheq
Email: [email protected]

English Section Senior Editor: Ali Sultani
Email: [email protected]

Editor/Translator: Sakhi Khalid

Webmaster: Ahmad Zia Mohammadi

For general outreach, email: [email protected]