A Year Without School, Afghan Girls Fight for Their Basic Rights of Access to Education

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan, girls’ schools above the sixth grade are still closed to students, but the people have not stopped resisting. The girls try and attend secret schools.

In a report published on Tuesday (August 9), the AFP news agency narrated the interest and effort of an Afghan girl for education, whose brother is a member of the Taliban group.

This report portrays the story of Nafisa, a 20-year-old girl who secretly attends school while her brother is unaware of that.

The reporter of AFP has visited the secret school of Nafisa, which is established in one of the eastern provinces of Afghanistan.

In an interview with this AFP, Nafisa said that in order not to reveal her attending school, she has to hide her books in the kitchen and carry them with her on the way to school so that the Taliban would not find out.

Nafisa’s sister has made a sacrifice to keep the privacy of her sister’s going to school and to prevent her brother from knowing about this.

Nafisa said that she would like to become a doctor and has the freedom of choice and practice her rights in her life.

In the very first days of entering Kabul, as expected, the Taliban closed all the education doors. But later on, gradually reopened the doors to boys but not girls. In response to the reactions of the people and international community, the group had promised to reopen the doors to girls in the spring of the 1401 year, but the group stepped back from their decision and promised at the very last minute.

It has been more than a year that the Taliban has taken girls’ education hostage to gain negotiation power on the tables, which has not given results so far.

Recently, the former president, Hamid Karzai has stated and condemned the Taliban’s decision on girls’ education. He has labeled this as a political movement with roots in Pakistan. He has said that it is not the Taliban’s decision, it is Pakistan’s decision to turn Afghanistan into a weak nation.