A Former Security Forces Member and Health Worker Killed and Burnt Brutally in Herat Province

Kabul – Local sources in Herat province have reported that they have found the dead and burnt body of a former member of the security forces named Hassan Qanuni in the province. The victim was also a health worker.

The source further adds that Hassan Qanuni was a drugstore employee and a former member of the security forces for the highway security section.

A family member of the victim has confirmed the incident, adding that the victim was missing since Monday.

The victim’s brother, Baqer Sajjadi, told Hasht-e Subh that his brother had no personal enmity with anyone, but his background in the former security unit can be the motive behind his murder. His brother further adds that his body was set on fire and the victim was totally burnt.

Taliban members in Herat province have not yet commented on the case.

Despite general amnesty announced by Taliban regime, mysterious killings, murders, and tortures in different parts of the country have increased drastically.