40 Taliban Fighters Arrested by NRF As Gunfighting Escalates in Panjshir

In the continuation of clashes in parts of Panjshir province, more than 40 Taliban fighters have been arrested so far. 

These Taliban fighters were arrested by the National Resistance Front (NRF) today (Monday, August 15th) in Dara district, Panjshir province.

Amrullah Saleh, the former first vice president of the country, also posted on his Facebook page that dozens of Taliban forces were captured by the NRF in Panjshir.

He said that these Taliban fighters were arrested as a result of a pre-planned operation.

However, local sources said that following these attacks, the Taliban suffered heavy casualties. But the exact figure is still unclear. The Taliban have not said anything about these claims.

Since this morning, a fierce clash has broken out between the Taliban and NRF in Panjshir.

Earlier, sources had informed about the seizure of several villages by the NRF.